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Sons of Liberty Single Barrel Bourbon

Sons of Liberty Single Barrel Bourbon

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While a batch of whiskey may start off tasting the same, the process of barrel-aging leads to many nuances in regards to complexity and flavor profile between each barrel. This Bourbon was made with 100% Rhode Island grown corn, double distilled, non-chill filtered and aged in 10 gallon New American Oak Barrels. Local retailers sampled whiskey from each barrel and selected a barrel of their choosing. This is not your typical Kentucky-made Bourbon. Aged in smaller barrels and made from Rhode Island corn - this Bourbon offers a unique sweetness and toasted caramel notes like no other. While each barrel is different from the other, they have all received the Sons of Liberty sign of approval. Buy a bottle from two different stores and taste the difference yourself!
Category Bourbon
Region United States, Connecticut, Rhode Island & Mass
Brand Sons of Liberty
Proof 90.00