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Courvoisier Erte #7 La Part des Anges

Courvoisier Erte #7 La Part des Anges

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La Part Des Anges (The Angels' Share), launched in 1994, symbolizes part of the aging process where some of the spirits' volume is lost through evaporation, referred to as angels' share. Erté has seven playful winged angels encircle a central female; each with an arm stretched out to take their share of the cognac as it ages. The Master Blender's comment: very elegant, complex and sophisticated cognac. Light cigar notes, amber and crispy bread. Full bodied and long, with a lot of subtleties. The great classic old Grande Champagne cognac. Erté, the renowned French artist of the Art Deco period, was a connoisseur of cognac. Courvoisier's remarkable Collection Erté consists of eight decanters, beautifully designed and inscribed by Erté and containing an exceptionally rare blend influenced by his impeccable taste. This classic blend, reflecting the warmth and sensuality of Erté's designs, is made from only the oldest Grande Champagne cognacs. The heart of this cognac is the 1892 vintage, the year in which Erté was born.
Category Cognac
Region France, Cognac
Brand Courvoisier