Corralejo Blanco Tequila

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Corralejo Blanco Tequila

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Blanco comes straight off our copper pot still and is bottled unaged. Don Leonardo calls Blanco "The Truth" because it best captures the authentic character of the Blue Agave that all our tequilas are made from.
Category Tequila
Region Mexico
Brand Corralejo
Proof 80.00
  • we85-89

Wine EnthusiastInitial whiffs detect an alluring road tar/asphalt, licorice-like sweetness; aeration expands the bouquet by including smoky scents of cigarette ash, tobacco and vanilla bean. Palate entry is sweet, nearly maple-like and viscous; by midpalate, the sweetness turns intensely bitter, bean- and sap-like. Concludes sweet in the throat.

May 1, 2004