DeLeón-Tequila Leona Tequila

DeLeón-Tequila Leona Tequila

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The tequila known for its "luxury with an edge" persona, has delivered a prolific spirit worthy of it's own title - Leóna. Leóna is the crown jewel of the DeLeón Tequila portfolio. The impenetrable brand has culminated with a tequila Reserva unlike any other. On par with the finest of cognacs and rare scotches, this spirit entices with an intoxicating aroma and upon first taste captures with a lingering euphoria. The Leóna is 100% pure blue weber agave and utilizes the purest water in the entire country of Mexico drawing from DeLeón's three natural spring wells. The tequila is distilled in the white glove facility of the DeLeón fabrica, then aged 34 months in the most legendary Sauternes barrels of our generation. Only the purest and proudest. This is the reckoning. Presented in a limited edition black box with a python flask, it is the epitome of all senses, edge, rock, sex, luxe... everything DeLeón. Legend has it the Mayans created a special elixir for the final night of civilization. We believe it was called Leóna.
Category Tequila
Region Mexico
Brand DeLeón-Tequila