Bellion Spirits Vodka with NTX

Bellion Spirits Vodka with NTX

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Bellion Spirits introduces Bellion Vodka created with NTX, the world's FIRST Functional Spirit, a new kind of spirit that has a function beyond its normal use resulting from the addition of new, useful ingredients. Leveraging the most innovative technologies, pharmaceutical standards and techniques, Bellion Spirits is pioneering the next generation of alcoholic beverages, a whole new category where science meets spirits: Functional Spirits™. Bellion Vodka was developed using a proprietary blend of FDA approved ingredients called NTX®. Spirits infused with NTX® are made smarter without sacrificing the consumer experience. It's what you want to drink when you drink vodka.
Category Vodka
Region United States
Brand Bellion Spirits
Alcohol/vol 40%