Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum 30 year old

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum 30 year old

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Age isn't just a number - especially when it comes to extremely rare spirits hailing from the heart of Jamaican rum country - Nassau Valley. Appleton® Estate, the oldest continuously-run distillery in Jamaica, is launching an incredibly rare, limited-edition 30 Year Old rum this fall to celebrate the legacy of rum-producing excellence from Jamaica. In 2008, Appleton Estate launched a 30 Year Old expression to much critical acclaim. Due to the recent high demand for anything from the esteemed "Joy Spence school" of rum-making, Appleton Estate is christening this legendary spirit again, updating its 30 Year Old rum offering with an even more prestigious blend that's sure to be met with the same enthusiasm as its predecessor.
Category Rum
Region Jamaica
Brand Appleton Estate