Westford Hill Aged Apple Brandy

Westford Hill Aged Apple Brandy

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Inspired by the Old World's Calvados, a specialty of the Normandy region of France, Westford Hill Distiller's New World Aged Apple Brandy is pure New England. Made with a blend of Connecticut-grown apples, this brandy is aged eight years in French oak barrels. The French oak adds a subtle nuance of vanilla, which complements spicy apple flavors. Before blending, each apple variety was individually aged and evaluated for aroma, start, mid-palate and finish properties as well as "mouth feel." The resulting blend seeks to focus on the individual strengths of these varieties, from the rich aromatics of Macintosh, the spice of Jonagold, to the rich Cognac-like finish of Melrose. Hand-distilled and bottled, Westford Hill Distillers is creating a New World tradition of fine aged brandy.
Category Brandy
Region United States, Connecticut
Brand Westford Hill