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Hourglass HGIII Red Blend 2017 750ml
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Hourglass HGIII Red Blend 2017


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The 2016 HG III follows the characteristics of the vintage. A beautiful, classic example of grace and balance, weighted with depth and dimension. An aromatic waterfall of bright floral notes (rose oil and tobacco), descending into pure fruit (red and black cassis), anchored with toasty wood aromas (cedar). A kaleidoscope of overlapping aromas and flavors that carry through to the initial palate impression and on to a lingering finish. Merlot provides the influence of tangy dark sour cherry, raspberry and cedar, with a bright liveliness on the palate. Petit Sirah yields the deeper bass notes and the weight of darker flavors (black olive, blueberry, bakers chocolate and blackberry bramble), and Cabernet Sauvignon provides the classic delineation and structural framework that weaves the blend together, all the while allowing Merlot to charm with its seductive lusciousness…rich and compelling. With the 2016 vintage, Tony believes the core tannin structure lends the capacity for aging upwards of 7 to 10 years, but HG III is designed to deliver at the pull of the cork. We see no point in delaying gratification!