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Tavi Tequila Platinum 750ml
SKU: 6333

Tavi Tequila Platinum


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Category Blanco
Region Mexico
Brand Tavi Tequila
Alcohol/vol 40%
As the name implies, 100 percent azul (blue) agave means just that, ONE ingredient tequila. The making of ultra premium Tavi Tequila starts with the finest hand picked blue agave. Tavi Tequila is then distilled from nothing but pure, 100 percent blue agave juice and artesian water. There are no other additives to Tavi Tequila. You will not find sugars to increase alcohol content or artificial flavors to create a taste or even artificial colors to create consistent color in any Tavi Tequila product. When you savor the taste of Tavi Tequila you can imagine the cleanest, purest agave juices fermented to perfection. It takes time to craft the finest Tavi Tequila. Taking shortcuts in production consigns a tequila to mediocrity. There are no shortcuts producing Tavi Tequila.