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Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky 2019 50 year old 750ml
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Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky 2019 50 year old


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Our 2018 batch of Highland Park 50 Year Old was hand bottled from just two Spanish oak, sherry seasoned, hogshead casks. First filled in 1964, these casks lay undisturbed until 2008 when they were first sampled and discovered to be of astonishing quality. In January 2010, we married the two casks together, introducing a little of the 1960 vintage from our earlier batch of 50 Year Old, before returning the newly married whisky to its hogsheads and leaving it to harmonise for a further eight years. Yielding just 274 bottles, this is an intensely rich whisky with sweet notes of ripe black cherries and Muscovado sugar giving way to dried autumn fruits and warm toasted wood. It delivers the merest hint of cedar wood, wrapped in our signature light and peaty aromatic smoke. Our 50 Year Old is presented in a handcrafted oak box which houses both the whisky and a striking crystal decanter encased in polished silver-plated metal. Natural Cask Driven Color (No Additives): Deep ruby, clear and bright (average colour tint 35). Flavour: Sweet dried fruits, Muscovado sugar, Black cherries, Nutmeg, Cedar wood, Light peat smoke.

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