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Compass Box Affinity 750ml
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Compass Box Affinity


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Category Spirits
Origin United Kingdom
Brand Compass Box
We have been blending Calvados with Scotch whisky at home and in our blending room for years, enchanted by their complementary qualities. One of the world's greatest spirits, sadly Calvados is also one of the most under-appreciated. Affinity showcases the mouthcoating texture and ripe fragrance of Calvados, partnering it with the rich spiciness and malty aromas of Scotch whisky. These two spirits really do have an Affinity for one another. Layers of apple character marry beautifully with malty, vanilla and spice- like notes. The French and the Scottish distillates build upon one another, creating a blend that displays weight and singular intensity, with a powerfully long-lived finish. Recommendations: Serve over ice, mixed with the amaro of your choice and vermouth for a unique twist on a boulevardier. Or simply pair with a deliciously sweet tarte tatin.

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