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Boston Harbor Distillery Putnam Rye Whiskey 750ml
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Boston Harbor Distillery Putnam Rye Whiskey


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Category Rye
Origin United States, Massachusetts
Brand Boston Harbor Distillery
Alcohol/vol 43%
Proof 86.00
Process: Grain bill is made up of 95% rye malt and 5% two-row malted barley. We re-distill Rye distillate to our Master Distiller's "to the touch" standards. After making additional narrow heart cuts, the Rye spirit comes off the still at 155 proof. It then goes into a virgin, 53-gallon white American oak barrel that has been toasted and heavily charred until ready, then bottled at 86 proof. As America's Original Whiskey, nothing says American more than Rye. Experience: Big Spice Meets Coastal Winds. This earthy Rye leaves nothing to be desired. The nose is filled with black pepper, sea salt, and oak. Baked apple, spiced pear and vanilla back the palate. A sharper, earthy finish that you can only get from Rye wraps the whole experience up for an unforgettable silky, smooth whiskey. Served neat, on the rocks or in any cocktail.

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