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Tesseron Cognac XO Extreme Cognac (Red Box) 1.75L
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Tesseron Cognac XO Extreme Cognac (Red Box)


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Category Cognac
Origin France, Cognac
Brand Tesseron Cognac
This unique and rare bottling is presented in a small, 1.75 liter demijohn, like the famous demijohns in which Tesseron stores its oldest cognacs. The blend comes from a group of ten demijohns dating from 1853-1906. We believe it is the most extraordinary cognac in the world. Velvety and supple on the palate, this cognac's exceptional mellowness is matched only by its infinitely complex depth. Its "rancio" nose, the result of long years of ageing in oak casks, is smooth and harmonious. It opens up in waves of countless secondary aromas, which grow in the mouth, and then end in a soft, exceptionally long finish. All of Tesseron's cognacs are aged exclusively in Limousin oak, a tough wood which has a fatter, looser grain than that of the more common Tronçais oak, thus giving more oxygen and finer tannins, as well as being better adapted to long-term maturation. The house also makes a point of aging all of its cognacs in humid rather than dry cellars, resulting in a more rounded flavor profile.

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