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Compass Box Myths & Legends #3 750ml
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Compass Box Myths & Legends #3


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Category Single Malt Whiskey
Origin United Kingdom, Scotland, Orkney
Brand Compass Box
Alcohol/vol 46%
For Myths & Legends III we have taken some of the same parcels of malt whisky used in Myths & Legends II and added peated malt whiskies from a pair of celebrated island distilleries. Some would object to our actions on principle. Famous single malts are always too precious for blending, they say; the sanctity of the category seems to take precedence over quality. However, thanks to our parcels of well-regarded malt whiskies, the tropical fruit and butterscotch notes of Myths & Legends II are now further enriched by a deep and enchantingly aromatic smoke profile. Papaya, mango and butterscotch meld with aromatic and assertive peatiness.

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