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Goslings Papa Seal Rum 15 year old 750ml
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Goslings Papa Seal Rum 15 year old


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Category Rum
Origin Bermuda
Brand Goslings
Alcohol/vol 41.5%
Proof 83.00
Pot and column distilled from molasses, blended and then aged for over 15 years in hand-selected, once-used bourbon barrels with a medium char. Bermuda's humid, salty sea air providing a superior aging environment. Production is limited to only 12 barrels and although the flavour difference imparted by one barrel versus another is subtle, Papa Seal is hand bottled and hand labeled, one barrel at a time. Startlingly mellow, with an elegant finish. Notes of spice, leather, banana, caramel and molasses. Papa Seal was created to be enjoyed neat or with a cube of ice.

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