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Jacoulot L'petite Marc de Bourgogne 750ml
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Jacoulot L'petite Marc de Bourgogne


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Category Brandy
Origin France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune
Brand Jacoulot
Alcohol/vol 45%
Marc de Bourgogne is distilled from the skins and pips referred to jointly as marc or pomace. Though other Marc de Bourgogne producers may include stems in their distillation, Jacoulot takes great care to use only de-stemmed fruit, giving the marc notes reminiscent of great Burgundy and taming the fiery and astringent nature of lesser brandies. Jacoulot distills its marc between November and March each year, using a mobile alembic still to match the natural rhythms of the harvest and the winemaking process. After distillation the spirit is transported to Jacoulot's cellars and left to rest in French oak barrels. "J" Petit Marc was created to give the mixologist a unique brandy option from pinot noir grapes. The same base product as the L'Authentique Marc de Bourgogne with a little less aging intended to emphasize fruit and backbone,lending cocktails a unique Burgundian signature.

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