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The Industrious Spirit Company Ornamental Gin 750ml
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The Industrious Spirit Company Ornamental Gin


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Category Gin
Origin United States, Rhode Island
Brand The Industrious Spirit Company
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Dubbed Ornamental Gin in homage to the ornamental steel that was made on the site we now work on for over 100 years, its made entirely from scratch on site from a base of 100% non-GMO organic corn, just like our vodka. All gins must of course be flavored with juniper, and in addition to this ours includes a very special mix of 15 additional botanicals on top-elderflowers, passion flower, lots of citrus and hops are just a few! After a long, slow and careful distillation, the liquid is left to rest for a month to let the flavors meld. After being slowly proofed down to 40% ABV over a further period of weeks, our gin is finally gently filtered (but not chill filtered, which might affect the delicate flavors!) just before bottling. Works well in all the classics, or on the rocks with a twist.

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