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Bully Boy Amaro 750ml
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Bully Boy Amaro


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Origin United States, Massachusetts
Brand Bully Boy
Proof 58.00
Bully Boy Distiller's Amaro is a riff on the classic bitter liqueur. It took us two years and hundreds of batches to arrive at the recipe. We settled on a combination of over twenty six different botanicals, all of which contribute to the patchwork of flavor and aroma. The bitter backbone comes from a combination of hops, including Amarillo, Cascade, Citra, and Galaxy. It's complimented by a pop of grapefruit, and its rounded out by earthy and floral notes, including yarrow, rhubarb root, and fig. There is just enough sweetness to make it all work, and at 58 proof its soft enough to sip neat but robust enough to use in cocktails.

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