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YaVe Tequila Jalapeno Tequila 750ml
SKU: 8089

YaVe Tequila Jalapeno Tequila


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Category Blanco
Origin Mexico
Brand YaVe Tequila
Alcohol/vol 35%
If you're into a spicy margarita then you just found your best new secret weapon. Naturally flavored to bring out only the best, smooth yet spicy and peppery finish. For the home chefs out there, YaVe Jalapeño is perfect for incredibly unique foods like Jalapeño Tequila corn bread, shrimp tacos, and anywhere your spiced mind can take you. Unlike any other Tequila, YaVe offers a distinctly clean and ultra-smooth taste. Handcrafted and double-distilled with volcanic water, YaVe is destined to bring you to new heights.

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